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What is Direct Primary Care?

DPC is an innovative model of providing high quality medical care that bypasses the burdensome and costly insurance and hospital administration system. This allows Dr. Kate Blake to practice medicine focusing on the patient's health needs, not what the insurance will pay for, or what will provide the greatest profit for shareholders. Members pay a low monthly membership fee for all of their primary health care needs. Often this fee is less than a cell phone or gym membership costs per month. Membership also provides access to wholesale pricing on lab services, prescription medications, medical supplies, and more. 

Because we do not bill your insurance, there are no hidden fees, copays, deductibles or other limitations. All of the fee schedules for labs, medications or supplies are provided up front before services are performed, so you will never be surprised with a large medical bill from us! 

While we do not bill insurance, we do recommend DPC patients carry some type emergency insurance plan. Many of our patients chose less expensive high deductible insurance plans or join health share programs to cover any of those unexpected emergencies that may arise. In the end, belonging to a DPC practice frequently costs less than traditional insurance plans and medical visits would cost you.

With a smaller panel of patients, Dr. Kate Blake is able to have more time to actually listen and provide you the care you need! Dr. Blake is available many evenings and weekends for emergencies so you can avoid unnecessary urgent care visits or having to talk to an on-call doctor or lesser skilled provider who doesn't know you!

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More access to your provider

24/7 Emergency contact by phone, text, email or instant messaging.

Patient Portal

Access to all of your health care records at the touch of a button including messaging and prescription refills.

Urgent visits same or next day!

Avoid the urgent care and be seen by a doctor who knows you!

More time with your provider

Our regular visits are 20-60 minutes, not the 5-15 minutes that some large healthcare systems allow.

More personal care

More time and less paperwork allows us to know you better and focus on what we're here for, your health and wellness!

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