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The Good Fit
Medical Weight Management Program

Dr. Kate Blake, a diplomat of the American Board of  Obesity Medicine, has a proven track record of helping her patients transform to a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight.  Debunking commonly held beliefs and the latest fads related to healthy eating and weight loss, Dr. Blake utilizes proven medical science to effectively manage weight loss, reduce or eliminate the need for diabetic and/or blood pressure medications, and discover that eating healthy can and should be enjoyable.  

Introducing The Good Fit Medical Weight Management Program, a comprehensive weight management program designed and overseen by a physician. This program includes:

  • Initial Comprehensive Medical Evaluation with labs, EKG, body composition analysis and personalized plan

  • Monthly check-ins with Dr. Blake for 1 year (2 visits in the first month)

  • Physician management of any prescription medications, as needed

  • Repeat labs and body scan every 6 months

  • Sustainable nutritional guidance

  • Social and emotional support designed to help you transform and maintain a healthy lifestyle 


The program is available in 1 or 2 year membership packages.

1-Year $250 per month for 12 months or 10% off for 1 year paid in full $2700

2-Years $225 per month for 24 months or 15% off for 2 years paid in full $4590

Register through the Patient Portal to start today!

Added Bonuses

  • Educational materials and programs 

  • Blog and online support group access 

  • Access to special programs like cooking classes, group fitness programs, group activities like walking club, grocery shopping outing, special guest speakers, in person support groups. 

  • Discounts available for other services as needed (specialty labs, discount prescription medication, etc.) 

  • Access up to 50% off DPC membership (primary care) 

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